Best Danganronpa Games You Can Play In 2022

Are you a gaming buff and looking for interesting games? then you are in the correct place, here we discussed the best gaming series. 

Danganronpa is a popular Japanese video game that was produced and created by Chunsoft Spike for PS 4, Androids, ios, and computers. 

The game is a group game that comprises nine chapters. 

The first chapter of the game was created and developed in 2010, and after then, the company has been propelling new game series per year, which are discussed below in order.

Before starting to play this interesting game you must have to understand the characters in that series. 

For that gamepike provides a complete list of the name of the characters of Danganronpa.

1. Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc 

This is an apparent adventure game that was made in the year 2010, and it is the prime game in the series. 

It was published for PS portable but the following was designed to be comfortable with Android, PlayStation Vita, Linux, Windows, PlayStation 4, and iOS. 

The game features a player who will consider the role of Naegi Makoto, a student at Hope’s Peak Academy. 

The student is confined amid mutual killing among his fellow students, and it is up to him to find inconsistencies and lead studies. 

The b revolves around two gameplay styles, school life, and class trials. 

2. Danganronpa Monokuma Strikes Back

The game was begun in 2012, and it is agreeable with most conventional devices, except for a rare. 

In this game, the player is essentially shooting at flying things that are throwing bombs at him. 

To finish the game, you ought to succeed in five stages, and each step becomes more challenging as the number of enemies and bombs increases. 

As you unlock new stages, the speed also increases. 

3. Danganronpa Goodbye Despair 

The game was released in 2012 for PlayStation portable but was later upgraded to play also on other devices. 

The storyline of the game includes a group of high schoolers who are caught by their headteacher on a tropical island. 

They are also caught with a padded bear and a stuffed rabbit. 

The students are demanded to kill one person among their peers, and they should strive not to be caught during inquiries for trial so that they can leave the island. 

4. Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls 

Ultra despair girl’s game was started on the 25th of September 2014, and it can only play on PlayStation Vita, Windows, and PlayStation 4. 

Unlike the earlier series of the game, this version features some horror elements. 

It is a third-person game where the player controls Komaru Naegi to survive in a city that is going under Monokuma robots. 

Komaru has a hacking gun and can perform several activities with it, such as beginning machinery and attacking the enemies. 

The gun can also be used to scan the atmosphere for any hidden objects or clues. 

5. Danganronpa Unlimited Battle

The endless battle is a 2015 fighting video game from Spike Company that can play only on iOS and Android devices. 

When playing the game, you use the touchscreen to cry your opponents who are defined in an arena-like area. 

The game is split into missions, and every mission has a number of some fields in which you follow them as the boss battler. 

When you complete the mission, you get compensated Monokuma coins, and you could use the coins to raise the strength of your player. Playing the game is free. 

6. Cyber Danganronpa VR: The Class Trial 

Cyber Danganronpa VR is a free-to-play virtual game that was officially launched in October of 2016 in Japan and worldwide in 2017. 

This game is agreeable with PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4. 

Cyber Danganronpa game is mainly a class trial game white the player attempts to reveal the one who was behind the murder of Sakura Ogami from the first game in the series; Triggerer Happy Navoc. 

It is a 3D game that is more advanced than the primary games which were in 2D.

7. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony 

This new adventure visual game was originated in January 2017, and it can be played on PS4, android, iOS, Vita, and Microsoft Windows. 

It is alike to the initial two versions of the game in the series in that it is split into mortal life, class trial, and school life segments. 

It begins with school life where players communicate with others till they come across some killings where they enter terminal life. 

In the deadly life segment, they collect information and evidence which they will use in the class trial segment. 

8 Danganronpa 1-2 Reload 

It is one package that includes two great visual novel adventures. 

It is an outstanding version of the previous games that also has the three signets, namely: School life, mortal life, and the class trial segment. 

You being the main player, get to reveal the truth behind the violent games by seeking information and assessing evidence. 

You will face memorable characters and get to solve some strange murders. The game was launched in 2017, and it is only compatible with PlayStation 4. 

9 Danganronpa Trilogy 

After the production of Danganronpa 1-2 Reload, there was no other version that was started in 2018 until the year 2019, when Spike Company started Danganronpa Trilogy. 

The murder mystery in this game is amazing are they include solving logic puzzles and giving concrete answers to each murder. 

It is an HD game that can also be played on PlayStation 4 only.


So these are the Danganronpa series games, by playing these games we can improve the skills like problem-solving, critical thinking as the game feels more real and clear to display.